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Mural in honor of SWvB's 50th anniversary

Johan Moorman's mural unveiled at S / park

The former AkzoNobel site in Deventer is a place with an eventful history. Growth, fire, entrepreneurial spirit, mergers, shrinkage, war, victims: everything was reviewed in the past 180 years. This is still a place full of energy, a breeding ground for new ideas, now under the name S / park. That is precisely why this Street Art Streets mural by artist Johan Moorman fits so well in this place. The festive unveiling will take place on Monday 8 April.

Past and present recorded
Johan Moorman has made a beautiful colorful mural in his distinctly illustrative style. Johan finds inspiration in retro-futuristic images, architecture, music and technological innovation. In this project he was inspired by the history, the present and the future of the place of the mural on the former AkzoNobel site full of history, but now with the S / park also possibilities for the future. Parts of this rich history and the exciting future can be found in this mural. The mural was made possible by a gift in the context of the 50th anniversary of the Wesselings- van Breemen Foundation.

From Noury ​​to Nouryon - history in short
Just back in time, in 1838, the Noury ​​and Van der Lande families purchased two windmills and the historic building 'De Drie Haringen'. Moments later, a steam engine is added. The company Noury ​​& van der Lande is a fact. After a strong start with mergers and acquisitions, there have also been setbacks. But the firm always manages to get back on track. The production of flour and citric acid is giving way to pharmaceuticals, chemicals and coatings. Now under the name AKZO, later AkzoNobel and since 2018 the name Nouryon: a reference to the long history of chemistry in Deventer.

S / park - innovation with an eye to the future
Today, the wall of the mural is part of S / park, the open innovation center focused on demanding chemistry and technology. Here, doors that are normally difficult to open are opened for start-ups, students and researchers. Open innovation is about chemistry between people. By connecting all kinds of parties, people work together on the chemical and technological developments that the future demands of us. The mural shows that exciting and interesting things are happening at S / park, where the safety of people and the environment always comes first.

Johan Moorman

“The spatial worlds of Johan Moorman from Eindhoven are reminiscent of classic arcade games, the work of graphic artist Escher and old Lego catalogs. Moorman's design and murals are elegant in color, lines and design language. ”

Street Art Streets

The Street Art Streets project is an initiative of Deventenaren Mano Scherpbier and Egbert Scheffer. They believe that the city could use some extra stubbornness and innovation. Last year they unveiled the first mural in the Sluiskwartier, as part of the celebration of Deventer 1250. The maker, Joren Joshua from Rotterdam, was inspired for this mural by the old port area and the activity at this location. to create fifty murals throughout the municipality of Deventer, each of which tells its own story about the city. ' says Egbert. 'We are looking for local, national and international artists to help us capture the history, present and future of the city. Ultimately, with a tour that connects all murals and thus tells the entire story. ' 'It suits Deventer's Hanseatic past to be inspired by the input of people from outside. People who take a fresh look at Deventer, ”adds Mano. 'We work closely with various Deventer organizations. This way we can coordinate well and continue to work according to the rules.


Zutphenseweg 8

(Parking at DE GASFABRIEK)

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- Egbert.EGD

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