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in honor of SWvB's 50th anniversary

Entrepreneurship, growth, crisis, war and victims: this field has seen everything in the past centuries. What started with the oil and hulling mills of Noury ​​and van der Lande in 1838 grew into a place full of energy, innovation and renewal under the name S / park. Artist Johan Moorman brought this eventful history together in his colorful Street Art Streets mural.

Johan Moorman finds inspiration in retro-futuristic images, architecture, music and technological innovation. In his outspoken illustrative style, he leads the viewer via the windmills of Noury ​​and van der Lande and the historic building 'De Drie Heringen' to the chemistry of AkzoNobel (now Nouryon) to the open doors for start-ups, students and researchers of innovation breeding ground. S / park.

The mural is a colorful illustration of the chemistry on the Zutphenseweg. Chemistry between people, where parties are connected and innovative minds work together on chemical and technological innovations that prepare us for the future. The mural shows that exciting and interesting things are happening at S / park, where the safety of people and the environment always comes first. The mural was made possible by a gift in the context of the 50th anniversary of the Wesselings-Van Breemen Foundation.

Project: #MuralSWVB / Johan Moorman Street

Artist: Johan Moorman

Location: Near Zutphenseweg 8, Deventer

Date: April 2019

Made possible by: Wesselings- van Breemen Foundation, Street Art Streets, S / park, Nouryon

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