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Mural by GOMAD on Court of Adwaita

Artist GOMAD used the underpass to Adwaita Court as a canvas for this unique mural. The work of art focuses on the Hof's namesake, the poet Adwaita. He is surrounded by flora and fauna in keeping with Brahmanism, an Indian philosophy that inspired him for his poems.

GOMAD stuck to his unique style, in which eyes, plants, animals and organic color forms play an important role, but also crept into Adwaita's mind. He immersed himself in a text about the Hindu God Brahmâ. Brahmâ created a woman, whom he himself fell in love with. She tried to escape his amorous glances, but every time Brahmâ got another head to keep seeing her.

He takes the viewer into the story. The viewer sees penetrating eyes looking anxiously at the courtyard. What can you see in the Adwaita Court? As a viewer you have to take a look. Once arrived in the courtyard, the portrait of J. Dèrjac (Adwaita) looks at you with satisfaction.

This mural was made in March 2020. At a time when everything seems to be standing still, residents who work at home saw a work of art created in front of them. A bright spot for the residents, a nicer entrance for the Hof van Adwaita and positive energy for the city.

Project: #MuralAdwaita

Artist : Gomad (Marcus Debie)

Location: Entrance Hof van Adwaita, Assenstraat 11/25

Date: March 2020

Made possible by: Residents Hof van Adwaita, Street Art Streets, WijDeventer, Municipality of Deventer, Wonen Boven Shops

Gomad van boven.jpeg
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