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Industrial heritage, creative ventures, art and culture and the raw edge of past dockwork. This building on Scheepvaartstraat has everything that makes Deventer unique. And the Rotterdam illustrator and street artist I AM EELCO beautifully brought this together in this mural, commissioned by Street Art Streets and Creative Event location PUNT, which are located in the building.

The mural is an ode to the characteristic Havenkwartier. A place that has developed into a creative breeding ground in recent years, where catering, entrepreneurship and living are combined with a still active inner harbor. This specific Bodenloods dates from 1958 and functioned as a warehouse where general cargo and packages were processed and transported to Amsterdam by inland shipping.

In the mural, Eelco brings back both history and the contemporary function of the location, leaving room for his own interpretation. For example, the bird can refer to the breeding ground that is the Havenkwartier and the boy at the tree can refer to old dock workers or someone who is now relaxing in the Havenkwartier. The lady next to the fox is said to be a skipper's wife who is eagerly awaiting her husband's return. The cup of coffee, the cat and the various points are easier to interpret: a reference to the idiosyncratic event location that is now in the building.

Project: #MuralPUNT

Artist: I AM EELCO

Location : POINT: Scheepvaarstraat 7, Deventer

Date: November 2019

Made possible by: Street Art Streets, Event location PUNT, Egbert.EGD, Mano Scherpbier

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