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Vision Street Art Streets:

With Street Art Streets we want to tell the stories of Deventer by using different forms of Street Art. The Street Art is created by regional, national and international artists. The stories are about the past, present and future of Deventer. The artists are always instructed to look at the environment. The artists design their work based on information about the place, from the residents and the owner. An important condition is that the works of art are always placed on large visible walls in the municipality of Deventer. Street Art is temporary art, so it may be that after a number of years the artwork that is inherent to this form disappears. Street Art Streets ties in seamlessly with the Deventer brand: authentic, innovative and stubborn. Street Art ensures that Deventer is a more colorful city, we are not only a city with a beautiful historic city center, but also a city with modern art forms. Old and new come together and the artworks tell the stories of Deventer.


Egbert Scheffer is an entrepreneur in the creative profession under the name Egbert.EGD and makes graffiti and stencil art, Tape Art and murals on commission. He also gives street art / graffiti workshops for adults and children and is a podcast maker. Together with his wife, he runs the catering company PUNT on the Havenkwartier -

Mano Scherpbier.

Is a cultural entrepreneur in Deventer. Was director of the Burgerweeshuis for a number of years, project manager of Deventer for 1250 years and 75 years of freedom. He is now working on, among other things, a project for the Hedon pop venue in Zwolle.

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Street Art Streets at 3 on Reis


Street Art Streets bij Martijn Around The World

Various Street Art Projects

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