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Portrait Mr. HF De Boer by Egbert.EGD

This half-tone portrait by Egbert.EGD is an ode to a pioneer. To a man who fought against the current for an industrial estate in the Havenkwartier and thus became a driver of the Deventer economy. That man is the namesake of this street: Mr HF de Boer.

De Boer was an alderman at a time when Deventer was a poor city. Every dime counted and not everyone saw the need for a business park. It was mainly mr. HF de Boer who fought for the realization of the port works. His idea: the government invests in the infrastructure and entrepreneurs build for their own use. It turned out to be a move that would significantly improve activity in the city.

De Boer's spirit is still alive in the port area. From 2012, the port area was once again revived. Now a hip, raw place for creative entrepreneurs and residents. The government invested in infrastructure, businesses and residents (re) build for their own use.

Thanks to Egbert.EGD, the old alderman looks on with satisfaction. Even though the viewer sometimes has to blink his eyes. Due to the half-tone effect, the mural is a line pattern from close up, the more distance you take or take a photo, the more pieces fall into place.

Project: # MrHFdeBoer.EGD

Artist: Egbert.EGD

Location: Mr. HF De Boerlaan 123

Date: June 2019

Made possible by: Residents Niek & Theliene and Egbert.EGD

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