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MURAL Deventer 1250 years by Joren Joshua

The 1250th anniversary of Deventer in 2018 was an excellent opportunity to be inspired by the past, present and future of our city. That is exactly what the Rotterdam illustrator and street artist Joren Joshua did for this mural.

The artist tells the story of this special location in the Sluiskwartier. A former mill factory that formed the corner of the inner harbor, now filled in, and the old moat in the 19th century. A location where the lock formed an important gate and next to which the Raambuurt developed into one of the first industrial areas of Deventer.

Joren Joshua would like you to see what you want to see in his work. One viewer sees a homage to our past as a port city, with two dock workers busy with cargo. The other sees the stamp of industry and workers in an old steamship and a red gear. And the attentive viewer will recognize the colors that perfectly match the city and its birthday. The colors red and white of the Deventer coat of arms and of course red and yellow, the colors of jewel, of football club Go Ahead Eagles.

Project: # SAS1250 / Deventer 1250 Street

Artist: Joren Joshua

Location: side wall Sluisstraat 4 Deventer

Date: April 2019

Made possible by: Deventer 1250, Municipality of Deventer, Street Art Streets, Loxam, Verfgrossier, Egbert.EGD

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