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Windmill by Will-Yoow, SNDR, Egber.EGD

Artwork on the Pure Energie windmill

Pure Energie is the first energy company in the Netherlands to place a graffiti artwork on one of its windmills. Last Saturday, the artwork was unveiled on the windmill along the A1 in Deventer. “Welcome to Deventer”, can be read since last Saturday on the windmill along the A1 in Deventer. The foundation of the mill is completely covered with graffiti, applied by artists Egbert Scheffer, Sander op den Dries and Wiljo Rouwenhorst. The artwork was unveiled during the festive opening of the wind farm.

Connecting with street art
Pure Energie came up with the creative idea after the windmill was sprayed with graffiti unsolicited in the summer. “We decided to have a professional painting made over this,” says Alfons Wispels, sustainable entrepreneur and founder of Pure Energie. “Graffiti artists try to make the world more beautiful in their own way. We do that too, with our windmills. The graffiti artwork welcomes all visitors to Deventer and emphasizes the connection between our green electricity and this beautiful city. ”

Deventer, city of water and wind
Pure Energie asked the graffiti artists to work on the theme 'Wind, Water, Deventer'. They were free in their creative elaboration. “A challenge that we took on with great enthusiasm,” said Egbert Scheffer, one of the graffiti artists. “This is a special location and assignment for us. Deventer is a city of water and now also wind. We have incorporated this into the painting ".

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