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Wake Up Wall for Canon of the Netherlands in Deventer

Deventer would not have become the city without the cooperation power of the Hanseatic League. And to show young people this in a creative way, artist Hedy Tjin designed this "Wake Up Wall". She made this mural for the new Canon of the Netherlands.

In the mural you can read the text 'We multiply the strength of I'. A statement to the old Hanseatic League between all kinds of (inner) port cities in Northern Europe. The painting also shows a Cog ship being loaded or unloaded by two people with bags and barrels, with a cityscape in the background.

The Canon of the Netherlands introduces young people to the history of our country, from different angles. Creative street art stimulates young people to think and discuss the meaning of our history. Hedy Tjin transformed Hanzeg history into a colorful work of art with empowerment statements that make young people realize that they themselves are in control of their future. With the lessons from the past as wake up calls for the present. The murals in honor of the Canon of the Netherlands can also be seen in Amsterdam, Groningen and Nijmegen in addition to Deventer.

Project: #CanonVanNL "De Hanze"

Artist: Hedy Tjin

Location: Mr. De boerlaan / Industrieweg

Date: November 2020

Made possible by: Open air museum Arnhem, Canon of the Netherlands, The Social Club, PUNT, Municipality of Deventer, Street Art Streets

Info about Hedy Tjin and Photos of other artworks:

Making of video:

Report Hedy Tjin:

Parties involved: Open lunch museum Arnhem, Canon of the Netherlands, The Social Club, PUNT, Municipality of Deventer

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