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New Freedom Monument by Will-Yoow has been unveiled

New mural for 75 years of Freedom in Deventer

Deputy Mayor unveiled new Freedom Monument

Deputy Mayor Carlo Verhaar, presented Liberation Day 5 May 2020 in private company at 12:00 PM at the new freedom monument in Deventer. Street Art Streets organized this mural in honor of 75 years of freedom. The work was made in recent days by Deventer Artist Will-Yoow, (Wiljo Damstra-Rouwenhorst). The location of the artwork is on Emmastraat in Deventer, and clearly visible from the Wilhamina Bridge.

The story behind the design

Will-Yoow has made two pigeons that together loosen the symbolic ribbon that was wrapped around Deventer and open the way to freedom. The colors red, white, blue and orange make it a real Dutch picture and tie in nicely with the liberation. In addition, a nod to this Corona time with a heart for care, and for living with love in the city of Deventer.

Street Art Streets

The Street Art Streets project is an initiative of Deventenaren Mano Scherpbier and Egbert Scheffer. They think that the city could use some extra stubbornness and innovation. Egbert: “Our goal is to create fifty murals throughout the municipality of Deventer, each of which tells a unique story about the city”. Street Art Streets is always looking for suitable large visible walls in the municipality of Deventer. So tips are always welcome!

Location: Emmastraat 1, Deventer

Making of video:


Interview with Will Yoow by Visual Startup

Registration Private Press Presentation:

With in order:

- Marcel Wendrich (National project leader 75 years of Freedom)

- Carlo Verhaar (Deputy Mayor / Alderman for Culture)

- Will-Yooh (artist)

- Mano Scherpbier Thanks

Parties involved: Municipality of Deventer, Overijssel Celebrates Freedom, Bicycle Courier.

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