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Railway bridge stairs by Danny Rumble

Another new Street Art Streets project, this time on the Spoorbrugstrap made by Danny Rumbl, commissioned by the Municipality of Deventer as part of the "Nature Park Deventer IJsseloevers"

Railway bridge stairs
In May 2019, Street Art Streets will present their third wall or rather a staircase. For the 'Nature Park Deventer IJsseloevers' project, the municipality of Deventer Street approached Art Streets to embellish the railway bridge stairs at the flood plains. Danny was inspired by the Ossenwaard, he found, among other things, two special birds that breed in this area a great subject to work on.

On the side of the IJssel you can see a Corn Crake (top) and Spotted Crake (bottom). At the edge of De Worp, a hare (inspired by the logo of IJssellandschap) shoots through the legs of a young man or woman who walks into the area in pink shorts. This beautifully depicts the sometimes difficult combination of recreation and nature reserve, and hopefully makes visitors and users think when they enter or leave the area.

The flowers and plants are also inspired by the flora around the stairs. And because of the use of color, the stairs fit beautifully into this beautiful natural park.

Artist Danny Rumble
Street Art Streets was commissioned by artist Danny Rumble from Rotterdam for this railway bridge staircase. He specializes in painting cartoons and animals, which he knows how to apply in the craziest forms. Check out more of his work at


Black Path / railway bridge stairs

Making of video

More photo's

Cooperation partners:

- Municipality of Deventer

- Deventer Green Company

- Best work

- Loxam Works

- Egbert.EGD

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Schermafbeelding 2019-05-30 om 10.52.00.
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