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Various Street Art artists in the shopping streets of the Deventer City Center



Various artists from Deventer are at work in the city center on 6 November.

Their styles vary from illustrative, stencil art to cartoon-like style, but you can also encounter the most beautiful things in unexpected places.


At various locations, street art artists create works of art on "street corners" specially placed for the occasion. They work with, among other things, markers, brushes, aerosols and paint. But other loose street art also brightens up the streets on this Sunday.


StreetArtStreets takes place in the shopping streets of Deventer city center.

You can bump into the artists and their work while you're already shopping or walk the special route so you don't miss anything!


StreetArtStreets takes place on Shopping Sunday, November 6, 2016 from 12 noon to 5 pm.

After that, the created artworks can be seen in various shop windows in Deventer until January. And can be seen on this website.

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Street Art Streets 2016

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