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MURAL Deventer 1250 years by Joren Joshua

On Friday, June 15, the mural that Joren Joshua made in honor of Deventer 1250 years was unveiled. The street artist worked hard for five days in the Sluiskwartier to get this done.


At eight o'clock in the evening, local residents, interested parties, those involved, friends and family gathered around the colorful wall. Egbert.EGD, initiator of Deventer 1250 Street Art, opened the meeting and told about the mural. Arthur Borst, project manager of the Sluiskwartier, spoke briefly about the development of the area. Then it was the honor of Alderman Frits Rorink and Joren Joshua to unveil the street sign together with the text: “Deventer1250Street By Joren Joshua in collaboration with Street Art Streets.” The blue street sign will be given a nice place near the wall.

Joren about his mural: “Egbert gave me a whole package of information about the neighborhood where the wall is located. I was mainly inspired by the harbor that once located here, the industry that started in the Raambuurt, and that Deventer is a working-class town. I like that when people look at the mural, they get things out of it themselves. Not everything has to be explained ”.

Egbert is proud that it worked. Partly due to the good cooperation with Mano Scherpbier from Deventer 1250, and various people within the municipality who have committed themselves to getting this off the ground in a short time. “Thank you to all parties who have contributed in any way to this fantastic project. On to the next mural as far as I'm concerned! ”

Location: side wall Sluisstraat 4

Cooperation partners

- Municipality of Deventer

- Deventer 1250

- Davo Beers

- De Verf Wholesaler Deventer

- Aerial platform: Loxam

- Egbert.EGD

Facebook: Deventer1250
Instagram: Deventer1250

Also follow the # SAS1250 on instagram.

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